Trombonist – Composer – Educator


Since 2001, Christian has been a committed personal coach for students wanting to expand their musical abilities. He encourages his students to focus on discovering a personal process of practicing to efficiently and creatively gain technical and aesthetic control over the details that make music exciting and interesting.

Christian speciallizes in brass instruments, composition, and jazz studies for any instrument; he also teaches beginning piano, and music theory. He has taught students ages 4–adult and students at all levels of experience.

Private lessons are usually scheduled to recur weekly for consistency; other arrangements may be negotiated in special cases. Younger students generally do better with 30-minute lessons; 60-minute lessons are generally more effective for older students. Lessons can be scheduled either in Christian's studio in Westlake, Seattle or in the students' home for an additional travel fee. Lessons via Skype or FaceTime are also available. Please contact Christian for more info.

Individual lessons are a way to directly target a student’s needs or interests. Christian works to give each student the most valuable experience possible by listening to their goals as well as giving them ideas that he envisions would be most valuable for them. 

Some topics individual lessons can be focused on: 

  • Fundimental Techniques 
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Melodic Interpretation
  • Rhythmic Time Feel
  • Expanding One’s Timbral Palette
  • Free Improvisation
  • Composition / Arranging

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