Trombonist – Composer – Educator

Christian Pincock is an experienced and effective music educator. For over a decade, he has taught individual music lessons, directed student ensembles, and led classes and workshops for students of all ages and at all education levels. He is also an active trombonist and composer, working in a variety of styles and settings from local to international.

Christian specializes in brass instruments, composition and jazz studies and approaches each student as an individual with their own unique needs and learning styles. Christian has successfully taught students of all ages including grade school, college and adults as well as all skill levels from beginner through advanced. Many of his students have achieved high scores on local music association competitions and some have continued their musical studies in college and have gone on to become professional musicians.

Christian is an experienced and effective ensemble leader drawing on years of experience playing in, writing for and directing big bands and has worked with artists such as Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Schneider, Bobby Shew, Gunther Schuler and Toshiko Akayoshi. As the director of the High School Honor Jazz Band at The New Mexico Jazz Workshop, Christian brought together some of the most talented young musicians in the Albuquerque metropolitan area to develop their ensemble playing abilities and their improvisational skills. In addition to standard ensemble techniques and working with sheet music, Christian also employs new and unique rehearsal techniques such as Soundpainting, the internationally-practiced sign language for live composition to communicate the essential elements of music leaving the students with a deeper understanding of musical structure, ensemble interaction and following a conductor.

Christian is also an experienced lecturer and workshop leader in the fields of jazz, composition and improvisation. He has served as a lecturer at the University of New Mexico where he taught in the jazz and dance departments. Christian has also presented workshops on topics such as “Effective Practice Techniques”, “Soundpainting, The Art of Live Composition” and “Composing for Electro-Acoustic Instruments” at institutions including Universidy of California, San Diego; University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, University of New Mexico, and International Society for Improvising Musicians.

Classroom & Ensemble Teaching

Christian has served as regular coach for the trombone sections of two award-wining high school jazz big bands in the Seattle area, Newport High School and Mountlake Terrace High School. Through focused exercises and practice, these groups have increased their musical awareness and their technical abilities towards their band's music and improvisation.

 From 2010-2012, Christian served as a lecturer at the University of New Mexico. While there, he taught Jazz Improvisation I, Jazz Improvisation II, Music For Dancers, and Jazz Theory & Keyboard Skills. He was also a featured valve trombone soloist honoring the late Bob Brookmeyer and led a workshop on Soundpainting with the UNM Jazz Band I.

From 2009-2012, Christian taught at the New Mexico Jazz Workshop, a non-profit arts organization in Albuquerque, NM. He directed the High School Honors Jazz Big Band, the High School Honors Jazz Combo, and the Community Big Band. He also taught an adult education class "Effective Practice Techniques".

Private Instruction

Since 2001, Christian has been a committed personal coach for students wanting to expand their musical abilities. He encourages his students to focus on discovering a personal process of practicing to efficiently and creatively gain technical and aesthetic control over the details that make music exciting and interesting.

Christian speciallizes in brass instruments, composition, and jazz studies for any instrument; he also teaches beginning piano, and music theory. He has taught students ages 4–adult and students at all levels of experience.

Private lessons are usually scheduled to recur weekly for consistency; other arrangements may be negotiated in special cases. Younger students generally do better with 30-minute lessons; 60-minute lessons are generally more effective for older students. Lessons can be scheduled either in Christian's studio in Westlake, Seattle or in the students' home for an additional travel fee. Lessons via Skype or FaceTime are also available. Please contact Christian for more info.

Workshop Facilitation

Below is a selection of workshop possibilities. Any of these can be modified to fit your situation.

    •    Guest Ensemble Coaching 

    •    Improvisation For All Musicians

    •    Developing as a Composer-Performer

    •    Composer Masterclass

    •    Creative Practice Techniques


For more information on my workshops, open this pdf file: Workshop Offerings.